Alice Bricolé

Alice Bricolé is a first official meeting between the artists of Théâtre Rude Ingénierie and young audiences. Invited into a curious tea room, spectators attend the presentation of a singular, immersive and captivating artistic object, freely inspired by the ciné-concert. Deploying a whole universe of projected images, music, sounds, and actions, faithful to TRI's approach, the show revisits in a free and poetic way the famous story of Alice in Wonderland. The film is a collage of pieces drawn from the numerous cinematographic adaptations of the work and traces Alice's adventure by adopting an original, inventive look. Four musician-performers, simultaneously instrumentalists, narrators, actors and noise makers, perform the soundtrack live. Alice Bricolé was created in February 2019 as part of the Mois Multi.

Partner : Recto Verso


Performeurs et musiciens
Philippe Lessard Drolet, Bruno Bouchard, Pascal Robitaille, Alice Simard-Drolet