Photo Credit © Josué Beaucage

Scenic creation combining contemporary dance and interactive scenographic installation, (ENTRE) traces the geometries of relations between two beings. Orchestrated around the theme of the couple, this multidisciplinary show is a lively playground where two dancers are called upon to compose with the light and sound traces of their presence. A duo of bodies that, through its movements and interactions, creates the spatial and musical context of its score. Two beings who, in this shared space, meet, cohabit, evolve, confront and reveal themselves. A network of links, connections and attachments is woven between these two people. Between their bodies stands a distance, a space, which becomes a path to find oneself. A place that they occupy and animate, which is constantly changing, in the image of their presence. As such, (ENTRE) is an invitation to encounter, openness to the other, a piece on the beauty of the shocks that these encounters give rise to, on the strength of this complementarity. (ENTRE) was created in February 2016 as part of Mois Multi.

Video : Josué Beaucage and Philippe Lessard Drolet

Partners : Première Ovation Danse et Art multi, Productions Recto-Verso, La Rotonde, LANTISS, Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins


Direction chorégraphique et mise en scène
Philippe Lessard Drolet
Interprétation et collaboration à la chorégraphie
Josiane Bernier, Fabien Piché
Assistance à la dramaturgie
Bruno Bouchard
Conception sonore
Simon Elmaleh
Lumières et programmation du système interactif
Philippe Lessard Drolet
Marilou Castonguay